People have a great curiosity for these rations of combat granted to the different soldiers of the United States of America, however before eating such food must take into account the Nutrition factor. This food is designed for soldiers in combat, said servicemen, tend to burn a surprising amount of calorie daily by the movements, stress situations and different scruples that can occur. An estimated 4200 calories per day. 4 MRE Meals, tended to feed a soldier without losing his nutritional abilities, each one has a load of about 1200 calories.

Taking into account the nutritional needs of Civilians, it is unusual for someone to ingest such MRE Meals and burn as much energy as this produces so that eating them repeatedly without being in a situation of burning energy brings as a consequence the storage of excess calories within the Body as fat, making weight gain.

Outside of it and the warning, eating an MRE Meals is extremely easy:

1- Use the heating device without fire on food: This small bag comes with an instruction that indicates that so much water must be added to the chemical component so that it reacts and begins to emit heat. As a precaution, do not approach this compound to the fire, as it releases a high amount of hydrogen when being in full reaction. This gas is extremely flammable
2- After heating the food, the MRE Meals contains a small bag where you can mix the water and the powdered drinks to be able to ingest them better without having to compromise the canteen or the complete water supply.
3- After the foods are heated they are ready to be uncovered. To eat them, it is enough with a fork or a spoon which is annexed in the MRE Meals.
4- It is not necessary a table, nor a kitchen to realize said food. It is a campaign food and as such is designed to be eaten anywhere and at any time provided there is time to ingest it.

Examples of MRE Meals

1- Main dish – Chili w / Beans
Accompaniment – Mexican Style Corn
Cookie or Pan – Crackers
Untable – Jam
Dessert or Sweet – Candy
Spice – Red Pepper
Eating utensil – Spoon
Flameless Heater
Hot Beverage Bag

2- Main course – Veggie Burger in BBQ Sauce
Accompaniment – Dried Fruit
Sweet Dessert – Chocolate Banana Muffin Top
Cookie or Pan – Wheat Snack Bread
Extra article – Gum
Spice – Hot Sauce
Eating utensil- Spoon
Powder Drink- Lemon Tea
Flameless Heater
Hot Beverage Bag

3- Main dish – Chicken Fajita Tortilla
Accompaniment – Chocolate Pudding
Bread or Cookie – Baked Snack Cracker, cheese
Untable – Cheese Spread
Powder Drink – Coffee, Irish Cream
Seasoning Blend
Eating utensil – Spoon
Flameless Heater
Hot Beverage Bag

In addition to these examples can be an infinity of additional configurations. Recall that with the creation of the MRE Meals different types began to emerge, which also have different ingredients, different amounts of calories