I am a traveling writer and photographer who believes that words and images are powerful enough to inspire meaningful change in the universe. During my childhood, I was not an ‘outdoorsy’ type of person. I did not know any people who traveled on a regular basis, so I did not have any role models who were explored the globe. However, as I aged I became curious, and I felt that traveling was something I needed to do.

When I turned 19, I experienced my first wilderness expedition. It was the most challenging activity I had experienced up to that point, and it changed my life completely. Since then, I have ached to see as much of the world as possible.

In 2012, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts and environmental studies. Following my graduation, I spent three years traveling the world, living out of my backpack, and leading teen adventure programs in nine different countries.

At the moment, I am loosely based in Los Angeles but spend approximately 50% of my time on a trail or the road. The aim of my photography is to communicate the wonders of the world with the stories that can be found in the images when asking good questions.